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Invented by the Hejney family in Nashville, TN, Nerdwax is a product that aspires to be a household name. The company’s product line includes the Magic Drops cleaning solution and a pizza-shaped cleaning cloth, both of which are sold in a handy-looking pouch. The company’s kool aesthetic is no secret, with the aforementioned products being shipped worldwide. The company has earned its fair share of media accolades, including being named one of the “50 Best Places to Work” by Fortune magazine, a well-deserved nod given to the company’s Tennessee headquarters.

The company’s website and social media presence have made it a point to highlight its wares in an unobtrusive manner. While Nerdwax’s sales have dipped a bit in recent years, the company remains a perennial player in the eyeglass holder category. In fact, the company’s annual production of around 8,000 to 10,000 units is still a hefty sum. Considering the company’s track record for producing high quality, well-priced wares, there is no reason to think that the business will falter in the near future. The company currently boasts a slickly-run customer service department that keeps tabs on every shipment to ensure a positive experience for each and every customer.

Having been named one of the “50 Best Places To Work” by Fortune magazine, the company’s employees know a thing or two about a good product when they see one. Despite the competition, the company still maintains a tight-knit culture and is a model of customer service. Its most ardent fans cite the company’s dedication to quality as a key reason for its success. The most enduring part of the company is its founders, a trio of self-declared obsessives who are eminently gregarious and down-to-earth. Ultimately, this is the driving force behind a culture that is more than just a work environment.


Invented by Don Henjy in 2014, Nerdwax is a beeswax-based product aimed at preventing glasses from slipping down your nose. According to the founder, his idea originated while he was working on a music festival production. He was sweating a lot and couldn’t find an all-natural solution to keep his glasses from falling off.

In addition to its primary function of keeping glasses in place, Nerdwax also boasts an impressive ingredient list. Unlike most products, which are made of water and chemicals, Nerdwax is made from beeswax and other natural ingredients. In fact, it’s been described as a cross between lip balm and a cleaning solution, and is sold in a pouch with a cleaning cloth.

It’s not hard to see why the tweeps have been flocking to the web page promoting Nerdwax, which has earned $136,000 in sales since April. The company also recently introduced a new packaging design, but it’s not as cheap as you might think. Despite the hype, the new tube is not 50% cheaper than the old one.

While the product is still around, the net worth of Don and Lydia Henjy is a bit less than it was in 2014. Their first foray into the world of business was via Kickstarter, which raised $62,000. They were able to snag an offer from Kevin O’Leary, who offered a $200k loan for a 20 percent equity stake. However, Henjy says he’s walked away from the deal with a fraction of what he was initially promised. He plans to pitch the product to the sharks in the near future. He’s also looking for someone with expertise in the shark-related biz.

While there’s no guarantee the company will make it big, it’s clear that they’re making the right moves. They have a few new products to market, including a clean-up solution called Magic Drops and a pizza-shaped cleaning cloth. They also have an impressive Facebook page, which has garnered thousands of positive reviews. A slew of press coverage helped boost their sales. They even got a mention in the shopify podcast. Despite the fact that they’ve had a rough go of it, the company is on track to hit the million-dollar mark by December of this year.

how much is nerdwax worth

Founder Don Hejny created Nerdwax to keep glasses from sliding down the nose. He and his wife, Lydia, tested various products and found a formula that was all natural and kept their glasses in place. They then launched their product online for $10 per tube. It was a Kickstarter project and raised $62,000.

Don and Lydia gave a demonstration of their product, which prevented glasses from slipping down the face. After the episode, Nerdwax sold $150,000 within 72 hours. In a year, the company’s sales jumped to nearly $1 million.

The product has a patent in 50 countries and has been used in 5,000 clinics. It also has partnerships with Neiman Marcus and Lids. It is available on Amazon.

Nerdwax is an all-natural and organic product that keeps glasses in place. Its main competitors include Apothecanna, Lip Smacker, Hanz De Fuko, and Hero Nutritions. In October 2015, the company appeared on Shark Tank America.

Before the show, Nerdwax had been looking for funding. It received a loan offer from Troy Carter, but turned down the deal. It was also offered by Kevin O’Leary, but didn’t make an appearance on the show. Hejny and his family asked for an investment of $80,000 for 20 percent of the company.

nerdwax company net worth

A year after the show, Nerdwax was selling close to $1 million a month. The website also sells other glasses-related products. It has more than two thousand backers who have donated $61,184.

The company has a net worth of $2 million as of 2022. The Nerdwax website also offers other products to help glasses stay in place. The brand has been featured on Shopify’s podcast in 2016. The company has been sold in more than 200 countries. Its website is ranked number one for glasses on Facebook.

While the Nerdwax product has been successful in the market, it doesn’t last as long as they claim. It was designed to keep glasses on the nose bridge, but the glasses often slip down the face. The manufacturer of the product turned out to be defective.

As of December 21, 2019, the Nerdwax net worth is still $1 million. It is still sold at $10.


Whether you are looking for a way to keep your glasses from slipping off your face, or you have a child that is struggling to put their glasses on, there are some benefits to using Nerdwax. It is made of organic and cosmetic grade ingredients, and it is designed to help you make sure that your glasses are positioned properly and stay in place. You can get a lip gloss-sized tube, as well as a pizza-shaped cleaning cloth.

Don Henjy utilised a beeswax-based recipe he had made at home to create Nerdwax. He discovered that his spectacles would remain in place if he could produce a layer of friction between them and the skin. He discovered that other items weren’t cosy or simple to use when he was creating his own. He made the decision to bring the product to the Shark Tank with his wife Lydia. Within the first 72 hours of their appearance on the show, their product brought in $150,000 in sales.

In addition to the gummy wax, Nerdwax also offers a beeswax-based cleaning solution called Magic Drops. This product is not a scam, but you should be aware that it does not last as long as it claims. The ingredients used may cause allergies to some people.

The traditional tube of Nerdwax and a thinner, slanted tube are also available. The brand has a solid reputation, and the packaging design is distinctive. There are some unfavourable reviews even though the product has been available for a long. Some customers have claimed that they can’t feel the wax being applied, and it appears that the package is not as sturdy as they promise. Some people also claim that the wax is ineffective.

Nerdwax has received a small number of favourable reviews, although they are uncommon. Check out the Nerdwax Facebook page if you’re thinking about purchasing some. They provide a few helpful accessories for your glasses, like a cleaning cloth in the form of a pizza, a cleaning cloth in a bag, and a clean drop that helps keep your spectacles clean.

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