if mexico loses against argentina are they out

if mexico loses against argentina are they out

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if mexico loses against argentina are they out

Whether Mexico is eliminated in the group stage or not depends on a few factors. They are tied with Poland for second place in Group C, but if Argentina wins, Poland can claim second place. If Mexico loses, it is unlikely they will advance. However, a draw could give them a chance to qualify for the knockout round. Mexico hasn’t been eliminated from the group stage since 1978 in Argentina.

if mexico loses against argentina are they out

Mexico started the game in a defensively solid fashion. They were able to keep the ball in the Argentina half most of the time, which helped them control the game. However, Argentina had a good chance to score in the 10th minute when Cesar Montes had a free kick just outside the box. Thankfully, his shot went over the bar.

what if mexico loses to argentina

The game was also noteworthy for the number of yellow cards issued to each team. Mexico had a couple of them, while Argentina had none. The fourth official signaled for six extra minutes. In the end, Argentina took the point with a goal from Enzo Fernandez.

While Mexico aimed to win, they couldn’t quite put together a final move to score the goal they were aiming for. They have been doing creative things off set pieces and in transition, but haven’t been able to convert them into goals.

what happens if mexico loses against argentina

During the game, Argentina talisman Messi was in a prime position to score, but he failed to take advantage of it. His free kick went over the bar and Messi was unable to turn and put the ball in the net. Hector Herrera, who was closest to Messi, was unable to make anything of his late charge.

Argentina scored their first goal in the 64th minute. They followed this up by scoring their second goal in the 87th minute when Enzo Fernandez tapped in a quality strike.

Despite Mexico’s win, Argentina remains one point behind Poland in Group C. They can qualify for the knockout round if they beat Saudi Arabia and draw with Poland. However, a loss to Mexico would still leave them in the group stage. If Mexico beat Saudi Arabia by a large margin, they would still be able to qualify, but would have to beat Poland by a bigger margin. The same scenario would be played out if Poland beat Argentina.

will mexico be eliminated if they lose to argentina

Mexico hasn’t been able to finish a move, but the goal difference calculations have been helpful. If Poland wins and Argentina loses, then the team with the lowest goal differential would advance. If Argentina wins, they would face Saudi Arabia in the Round of 16.

If Mexico loses, they will need a draw to avoid going home. The odds on that are +310. They would be eliminated with a loss, but it wouldn’t be a flop. It would be one of the shortest World Cups in history.

While Argentina is the favorite in this game, Mexico is the team to beat. If Mexico can win, it would be the first time they have reached the knockout stage in more than three decades. if mexico loses against argentina are they out

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