Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2022 Prediction

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Bigg Boss is a reality television show that airs on Colors TV in India. It is based on the international show Big Brother, in which a group of people are locked in a house and monitored by cameras 24 hours a day. The show is known for its controversial content and is one of the most popular and highly rated programs in India.

Bigg Boss 16 has not yet been announced, as the show typically airs in September or October of each year. If you are interested in participating in or watching Bigg Boss, you can check the Colors TV website or follow the show’s official social media accounts for updates on the next season. You can also watch previous seasons of the show on streaming platforms or on the Colors TV website.

Archana is in the top side 97 mins As I have seen the game so far, I liked Priyanka’s game very much and that means I feel that she will win all three of mine, she never backstabs, so I feel Priyanka. Hai Jeene Priyanka is asking me for activity, so listen to her a little and if you do the same, she will also be able to play well and Nimrit who sometimes becomes more emotional, so who wants to stay in Bigg Boss, then who just stands by Let’s talk according to father lady police, in this video I am monkey and you are watching act riders. Who is doing the bus stand, according to the father, the lady police kept talking in this video I am monkey and you see how much express screen time you are getting as well as the amount of pension outside, it all depends on playing this type of game. If you are a fan, then brother, join them, but people do not like their words, yesterday they said to Thackeray, he does not know that he is a villager, before that he had said some things there and he is playing a register game, he is acting. So can’t like it, do you also like people there, is that why I was at the bottom, Tina Dutta’s name is, if we talk about number 9, Sharma is back inside at number 9. Azim is playing well but is falling short a bit.

Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2022 Prediction

And because of this, the position at the bottom of the ninth number is going to Soundarya. If we talk about number 8, the one who looks a lot or not, the content speaks but people do not know that she is father Archana Gautam. Gautam Gautam have heard brother, I am a hobby, brother, let’s talk about Nimrit at number 7, number 6, then Ankit Gupta at number 6, Ankit Gupta, the way The people playing the game there like it very much and if they have marked their choice, they can make it, but Sambal Khan Sultan Khan, coming out of the side, holds the number 4 position because he is a very strong fan of Sultan, but his The game is pretty much true, now his game is improving, he is moving forward, he has joined hands with Tina, she has been singled out, the way she has started playing from last weekend’s war, Bhai Mangalwadi Ka Bhangar Parcel Did Hindi mother tongue bed baby soon Bigg Boss will be shaken along with this every time it happens up and down or top down up down Shiv Thackeray so we must raise this topic by calling Shiv Thackeray there From Mann Ki Baat to Bulwarks once again, this is the thing inside brother Shiv Thackeray that he kills only one but kills very hard, brothers whom we used to call Bosslady Janki Rubina Dilaik, whose friend is he now or Then the same thing has been revealed, Rubina Dilaik has clearly said about this new contestant of Bigg Boss.

But it has been said that it is very important for Bigg Boss to have an Attitude and presents the entire Tappu and presents her points and in such a situation, Priyanka Chahat Chaudhary, who she is, has become Rubina’s tree without plants, but no one feels her own. The same is seen in a part where I want to tell you that Priyanka says for Chaudhary that she misses presenting her opinion in Bigg Boss. What is the real door of the hat, what is called dejobbing made tropical? Where Nimrit is picked up, Priyanka is dropped, Priyanka can be said deliberately that in Ankit’s case, look what Priyanka Ankit can do, then talk about Priyanka’s issues, always speak in every issue, so do you speak in Hindi, not as a video player? Who does not know who is seen in Bigg Boss Marathi season one He had rocked the whole of India, then after that he came as a wild card in Hindi Bigg Boss season 12, even then he rocked it and I think he is going to rock our entire audience in the interview as well- Very welcome Megha Dhade with me mouth bole bhaiya rakhi brother hai Shiv Thackeray Shiv Bhaiya who is rocking the house of Bigg Boss right now and not only rocking but also doing wonders then a little bit of Megha ji is not kept by anyone.

And the wildcard family members do not accept you by making you such a contest, then half is over and you have been formed from your own group. I have always wanted to be in that house and play well, and that is what is happening, my brother who is playing with his feet and collecting coins, I am proud of you, very happy, I do not keep any other wildcard. The people of the house do not accept you by doing such a contest which is half finished and have been formed from their own groups. You have a lot of difficulty in making your place, so I did not want to go through all those unnecessary challenges, be in that house and play well, this is what I always wanted, and that is what is happening my brother who has set his feet.

I was playing by collecting tax coins, I was in Hindi Big Boss, when I went to Hindi Big Boss, there used to be no tasks, Dada, people did not do this, but when I entered the house, I asked my friends whether We have to give hundred percent in the start We have to play cards We have to come a little in front You will have to know 4 game There, the best person becomes himself, starts thinking for himself, starts thinking about himself, you are moving ahead, what is the good quality in witch you have, I had asked a question that I must ask Megha ji, in which group to play It has been that he should not be seen as an individual player, then people were not listening to the words of the captain, so he He takes stand for Nimrit also takes stand for 22:00 where he feels that such friend should be there with his friend he stands there because of which there was so much ruckus and should also say my next question came one which is not recording here imported nimrit’s friendship in bigg boss nimrit’s best friend above shiv better than shiv’s best friend nimrit and plus we saw where else good bhoot will be found if What’s wrong with that, for the game as well as for a friendship, these two things complement each other a lot and that’s how it is decided.

There is a question in this house. Farah Khan is Sajid’s sister. Very well known choreography industry, Sajid himself has been a dancer, so he is not a fool that he will keep this kind of thing behind him, he must have had his own version, then he must have said this, his saying is not wrong, so definitely the same thing here It would be that if the thing is the same in the eyes of the hearer, then he must have heard that thing wrongly. Not only this, an appeal is also going on on the internet, keep Kittu’s Jo Hai only and keep Priyanka, only then this game which is Bigg Boss season 16 will be a super duper hit, how much do you agree with this and how much don’t you have a little bit of your own thing I speak in correct and the best thing is when two people fight they don’t see who is friend who is enemy yesterday also when ankit and priyanka were fighting playing so well playing so good airport but weekend When the war comes or if the big boss asks to give some work, then it is not known why the brigade is inside, it is given only to them, only they do not get it, it means that if they do not love you so much, then the rest of the family members like to like you.

How much people like you, people like you and they love you, they support you, only I have proved you that much in the eyes of the public, Archana has done an act, because of which she has been thrown out in support of Archana. There is a lot of talk that Archana should be brought back and it is up to Bigg Boss and Shiv to decide on that. Should I come back or not, I would like to ask the public, if Shiv does the same thing with Archana, would he support you, if he gets Gautam’s pallu, then he all says that he came back after vomiting, then reveal the secret of his group. What do you think that Shiv doesn’t even remember you, IMC and Ghori has made a little distance from Ghori and talking only has a design main that you have become his only when Shiv cleared things with him Even when he came back to Shiv, we can say that he forgot in the morning, if he returns in the evening, then he is not called forgotten.

Same is the case with MC. I have become a little less in the eyes of Shiva. Nimrit has woken up. There is nothing bad in it. It shows that your friendship humans are strangers to each other. It means that you genuinely keep friendship with each other. It would have been better if she didn’t come from her friend, she seems scared, she seems lost, she doesn’t understand some things;

Not Able To Deal With Short Even If She Comes, It Doesn’t Matter It Rains A Lot And She Is Very Meaningful, Leaning Delicately Towards Shaleen, Not Considering Her Decency, If She Had Come To Shiv’s Sena, Maybe Aaj Tum Bol Ka Game Kuch And it seems to be seen that the family members have come first Priyanka is going to happen see everything is not fake some things are passion at that time Shiv told him with the confirmation that you should bring food and he has no Even a hundred percent is not wrong, there is some goodness in everyone, it is just that the way in which merit is made, some quality is highlighted in it from the beginning and the rest of the quality is not there, then Pinky went after him. If you don’t like it, then it is better if she comes back to the house, then clearly ignore her because Archana irritates to such a level that the person in front can also be you, then come feel Shiva’s game according to his own concentration.

Should play is left concentrating on people in that way taking your group with you 2 minutes ahead some people like me seeing how you are Public decides he is playing his game and both are going right in their own way Would like to give a message to the army if you have given this name Shiv Sena Shiv Sena can never lose Shiv Sena has to win and that should happen so what else to do to do that I think we have to vote more than trending and we have.

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